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I have found Paula and Dave's technological support invaluable over the years they have been assisting me with my technology issues both with my home and work computers. Dave is incredibly patient and extremely willing to put time and effort into problem solving. They both make themselves available and are calm and thoughtful when I have had crises with my various technological devices. I will continue to use their services in their new venture as Blind-Sight and wish them well in this exciting new endeavour.

Megan, New Zealand

I am a brand-new user of the Braille Sense u2 and my questions have been many. David Allen has been my consultant throughout the process of learning how to use this device and his answers to my questions are always concise and easy to understand. I highly recommend David as a technology consultant.

Karen, WV USA

I have only known Dave for five years, but I wish I had known him many years ago when I first started using computers in the early 80s.

Dave is one of the best technical support persons I have dealt with giving me the information I need in the simplest way possible and what I truly like about Dave, he doesn't treat his client as a third rate citizen or a first grade kid; he puts himself in your situation and knows exactly what you need and where he can help.

If he doesn't have your answer at his fingertips he will go out and find it and come back with exactly what you need.

Anytime I need help I ask Dave and he is there with my answer.

Marjorie, AZ USA