This is a banner shows two photos, the first of Paula with yellow Labrador dog and the second showing Paula and Dave in their office working on their computers.

Paula Waby, Director has:

David Allen, Director has:

We have both been blind since early childhood and have worked for a number of blindness organisations and consumer groups before deciding to launch our own business in 2013.

We have also worked closely with Experience Access Trust and the Fortune Theatre to bring audio description to Dunedin. Audio description involves a separate sound channel in theatre, cinemas or on television that provides blind people with a commentary of what is happening visually. For example, it may describe an outfit a person is wearing or report that someone is about to climb through a window. As this is conveyed through a separate sound channel, it does not disturb other people. the information is broadcast in such a way that it does not interfere with normal listening and viewing.

We believe that as we live and breathe adaptive technology every day, we know what it is and how it can best enrich someone’s life whether they have low or no remaining vision.

We pride ourselves on offering flexible training based on each person’s individual needs. We know one size does NOT fit all!